• 301 Stainless Steel
    301 Stainless Steel
    Product Introduction 301 stainless steel band is a kind of metastable austenitic stainless steel. 301 is the most easily cold deformation strengthening steel grade, through the cold deformation processing can make the strength of steel, hardness, and reta


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  • Disc Magnet
    Disc Magnet
    Round Neodymium Rare Earth Disc Magnet Description Disc magnet is the most popular shape of magnet which is mainly by the diameter and thickness to determine its size. You can use small disc magnet in toy, whiteboard, wallet, education, packing box or you


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  • Ring Shape NdFeB Magnet
    Ring Shape NdFeB Magnet
    We have the ability to manufacture a full range of neodymium magnets from N33-N42, and in various types.In addition to the stock shapes, sizes, and grades listed,others are available.Please inquire.Non-standard shape and sizes can be machined to blueprint


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